Shimano Announces New DEORE M6100, M5100, and M4100 Components


Shimano Announces New DEORE M6100, M5100, and M4100 Components

Shimano‘s Deore lineup has been a staple for mountain bikers since the sport’s inception and this year, the new and improved Deore line has something for everyone. This release is broken down into three main tiers, M6100 12-speed, M5100 11-speed, and M4100 10-speed. There’s a lot to go through here, so continue reading for more details.

The new Deore 12-speed features trickle-down tech from its higher-end siblings with a wide-range 10-51t gearing, Hyperglide+ shifting, and a Micro Spline freehub design. This package will be available immediately. Pricing is posted below.

Meanwhile, M5100 and M4100 offer 11- and 10-speed components with M5100 offering a massive 11-51t cassette for Shimano’s widest range 1×11 group. Each also comes as an optional 2x setup, with specific rings and cassettes for each.

FC-M5100 10/11-Speed Crankset
-52mm chain line
-Options for 30, 32T chain rings
-Single versatile design for use with 10 and 11 speed systems, QR or TA.

-For use with 2×11 systems
-22-36T chainrings

-For use with 2×10 systems
-22-36T chain rings

Both the M5100 and M4100 groups will be available in the coming weeks.

This chart makes it easy to build the best kit to suit your needs. If you have any questions, head on over to your local Shimano dealer!