Sexysushi: Tom and Wonka in Tokyo


Sexysushi: Tom and Wonka in Tokyo

Wonka side-rail-ride by Sexysushi

My man Eisuke Sekiguchi, aka Sexysushi spent some time with Tom and Wonka while they were visiting Tokyo. He took them to spots to ride, out for ramen noodles and spent a lot of time just hanging out, getting to know them. Naturally he took a ton of pictures during this time and they came out great! Check out some more below.

Tom 180 by Sexysushi

Love these shots of each of the riders being photographed by Kyoichi. You remember his shots right?

Tom portrait by Sexysushi

and some nice portrait shots.

See the rest of the photos here! Eisuke, I’ll see you in two weeks!

Tom and Wonka at Shiba Friday