Search and State’s New Women’s Apparel


Search and State’s New Women’s Apparel


Search and State is pleased to announce the launching of their Women’s Line. This includes the S1A Riding Jersey and the S1J Riding Jacket. These two items were the flagship garments for men when the brand first launched and are now available in a women’s specific design and fitting.

Read on below or head to Search and State for more information. Also don’t miss the feature on Pretty Damned Fast!


S1A Riding Jersey – $140

Distinguished design, luxurious fabric, and rugged components are the hallmarks of our highly evolved take on the classic, three-pocket, cycling jersey. The S1-A sets the bar high and has established a new standard of what the riding jersey should be. You’re going to look, and feel, good in this jersey.


S1J Riding Jacket – $255

There’s really no other way to say it, the S1-J is arguably the best cycling jacket ever made. We’re normally a bit reluctant to proclaim something like that, but our customers keep saying it and so does the media, so we’re just going to own it. To be honest, the S1-J has always been the lightest, toughest, all-weather jacket we’d ever seen. A refined fit, shocking breathability, total protection from the elements, and rugged components make the S1-J Riding Jacket the pride of our collection and a game-changing garment.