Sarah Swallow’s S-Works Diverge Has Been Pushed to the Verge

Progression happens when people push the current paradigm causing a shift, or a schism in the model. This applies to bicycles as well. From the era of the klunker and the cruiser influencing mountain bikes to people riding 23mm road tires on gravel roads. Hell, I think it’s safe to say that our generation has seen various permutations unfold from people who push their bikes just a little more than others. To the verge, even.

Sarah Swallow is an unstoppable juggernaut of dirt road racing, ATMO. It’s been awesome, as a friend of hers, to her accomplishments and fitness grow over the year. From the Ruta del Jefe to Land Run, the Eroica Nova, and more. Her S-Works Diverge has taken her across rough and rugged terrain for thousands of miles already this year. When she signed up for our Machines for Freedom route – more on that TOMORROW! – I was stoked to see her crush such an arduous course.

The thing that’s impressive about Sarah’s Diverge is how much she’s pushed this bike’s package. They come built ready to roll over mixed terrain but Sarah took this perfect plastic bike and gave it a Mad Max makeover with Rogue Panda and Revelate bags, aero bars, and WTB Sendero Tires. It doesn’t even look like a Diverge anymore!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our Machines for Freedom story for now, what do you think of this bike?


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