Royal H. Cycles: Disk Diaries


Royal H. Cycles: Disk Diaries

You asked and Bryan supplied (3 days ago). Who knew he had a Vimeo account? I thought all framebuilders were still in the dark ages? At least Ian cooks one bitchin’ apple pie! Here’s a back-story to the disk wheel on Royal H. Cycles’ time trial bike we saw earlier.

Check out more below.

From his blog:

“One of the greatest collaborations – I commissioned my sister to design and paint a disc wheel for the royal h time trial bike. It was debuted at the Philly Bike Expo and featured a full vintage Shimano Dura Ace AX group, 650c front Zipp wheel, rear disc, split top tubes, and Vitus superarcor main tubes. and an aero monostay. and G.P. Wilson stainless dropouts. And a polished Look Ergostem. It was off the wall. Janet teams up with her boyfriend and comes up with a disc pattern based on the Benham’s ‘artificial spectrum’ top.”

“It’s a black and white image that is designed to, at speeds between 10 and 35 mph, create the illusion of color. But under certain lighting, much more can be seen. The thing came out perfectly and it basically makes the bike. Thanks to Janet and Robby for all their hard work and research into making this disc. Contact janet if you’re interested in retrofitting one on your old 1150s”

So awesome! Bryan, I gotta get you to write with capitalization. That was a pain proofing the copy. Keep making beautiful bicycles homie.