Royal H. Cycles: Candy Chrome Track Bike


Royal H. Cycles: Candy Chrome Track Bike


When I saw this bike at the Philly Bike Expo, my jaw dropped. Did he really put a translucent blue over chrome? Was it really my size? Both answers were yes and when I asked Bryan if I could photograph this bike, his answer was the same.

Check out more photos of this Royal H. Cycles candy chrome track bike below.


Bryan’s lugwork and the paint job compliment each other. At first, I thought the paint would take away from the fine lines but it really is clean, even up close.


The subtle lug carving is beautiful!


The wheels, lacing and plating all compliment each other.


The massive downtube ensures a stiff ride. It almost reminds me of a Cannondale track, but with much cleaner welds and out of steel.


The lugged top tube / head tube cluster and fillet-brazed down tube / head tube cluster is a not-so-common application but in this instance, it compliments the bike.


Especially when viewed from the front.


This is one gorgeous bike. Pat yourself on the mustache Bryan and don’t let that guy Ian boss you around! You can hold your own just fine. Once again, thanks to Keena for letting me leach off his studio, thanks to Ian for the apple pie and Bryan for letting me rape his work. Check out more photos on my Flickr.

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