Ride With GPS’ Cutty Cap Challenge


Ride With GPS’ Cutty Cap Challenge

Ride With GPS‘ fourth-annual global bike scavenger hunt kicks off Saturday, May 18th, in 30 cities worldwide. Find out how you can play along below…

Once again, Ride With GPS has teamed up with adventurer, artist, and all-around cycling personality Chas Christiansen (@notchas) for the fourth year in a row to design a run of limited edition custom cycling cap + bandana sets.

Mark your calendars: cap locations go live Saturday, May 18th!

How to participate:

Philadelphia | Mexico City | Pittsburgh | Austin | Denver | Washington DC | Toronto | Ottowa | New York | London | Bristol | Canberra | Chicago | Wroclaw | Tulsa | Columbus | Houston | San Francisco | Boulder | San Jose | Tokyo | Charlotte | Paris | Dublin | Minneapolis/St. Paul | Sydney | Los Angeles | Seattle | Montreal | Portland
  1. If you live in one of the above cities and have your Ride with GPS account location set, you’ll receive an email on Saturday, May 18th at 8am local time with a link to your local 2024 Cutty Cap map showing all the secret hiding spots. No account? Sign up at Ride With GPS.
  2. If you’re just Cutty Curious and want to see all the cap locations, or for some reason don’t get an email, bookmark this page or follow us on Instagram. We’ll update the above city names with links and share local route links on our Instagram Stories around 8am local time.
  3. Once you have the map with the secret hiding spots, get on your bike and pedal hard to get to the cap locations first!
  4. When you find a location, be sure to snap a photo and tag @ridewithgps + @notchas so we know which have been claimed.


Check out more at Ride With GPS.