Review: Verivala – Kalliolle, Kukkulalle


Review: Verivala – Kalliolle, Kukkulalle

Finnish black metal band Verivala’s debut album brought the band some much-deserved attention. Now, 5 years later, Verivala has put out a follow up to their acclaimed debut, Voittomme, entitled Kalliolle, Kukkulalle on World Terror Committee records. As typical with most black metal, expect a very compressed sound with emphasis on the drums and ghoulish vocals. Where Kalliolle, Kukkulalle differs from their previous release is the clear death metal influence.

The tracks are a lot more focused on the mids and lows. As evident with “Tuonenkokija”, which leads into the album with a very Death-inspired cymbal line and fast-paced blast beats. It’s clearly evident what the band’s intent is; to knock you off your feet for just over 40 minutes. Like a viper’s poison, quickly your body is overtaken by Verivala’s numbing sound. “Kristus Ja Risti” hails the black metal march with an offset blast beat and once again, more distorted howls. Kalliolle, Kukkulalle stomps on, laying out track after track of pure Finnish poison. The death-metal inspiration is back with “Laulu Karsimyksen Jumalalle” and the album ends as quickly as it began with a quick and brutal thrust; a fatal dose of some wicked, razor-sharp and fast-paced riffs in “Mahapralaja”. As the longest track on the album, “Mahapralaja”slows down after the initial few minutes, resulting in some atmospheric black metal, akin to their earlier work.

Overall, it’s not highly-polished black metal. If you’re seeking Satyricon or 1349, don’t even bother. There’s no stage antics, no sold-out concerts in mega stadiums, just pure blackened death metal from a band that doesn’t even have a Myspace page. Just look at that album art. Don’t sleep on this one!

Pick up the 400-print limited vinyl at W.T.C.’s webshop or pick up the CD at the Nykta e-shop.