Review: Minsk – With Echoes In the Movement of Stone


Review: Minsk – With Echoes In the Movement of Stone


Post-metal? Maybe. Tribal Doom? Sure, why not. Neurosis-inspired? Definitely.

Minsk’s new album, With Echoes In the Movement of Stone is more or less all of the above. Sanford Parker of Volume Studios does it again. It’s that simple. He can take a band and shape them into a magnificent ensemble. Do they deliver? Oh hell yes! This is the most direct, precise and intense album I’ve heard in a long time. This album delivers what I’ve been looking for in new Stoner/Sludge/Doom albums, diversity and intensity. Most of With Echoes… hearkens to a slower High On Fire sans the album art of Arik Roper. In fact, that’s the only thing I dislike about the album. Yes I’m being picky, but If I saw the album artwork on a stand in a music store, I wouldn’t even think twice about it. Relapse’s marketing department needs to jump on that.

The tracks are complimentary in pace and rhythm. “Three Moons”, followed by the epic “The Shore of Transcendence” set the tone for the album. There are no hidden secrets or gigantic let downs and even the third track, “Almitra’s Premonition” keeps your attention throughout the entire 10 minutes and is only dwarfed by the closing track, “Requiem From Substance To Silence”. Much like their modern-day counterparts, cough Neurosis cough, I’m sure Minsk would and will be an epic live show. Overall, this album comes in at exactly 60 minutes and I could take another 60 anytime.

So yeah, I really really forgot how good this album was. I reviewed it on the Bloglin a while back and I wanted it on this site “for the record”.