Reissue Don’t Rape


Reissue Don’t Rape

Concor with world champ stripes – late 80’s – pic by me

Why San Marco? Why? Why would you bastardize one of the best saddles of all times? I mentioned a while back that San Marco reissued the Concor saddle, one of my all time favorites next to the Turbos and Unicanitors [which I saw at Interbike this year].

OG Concor Profil – late 80’s – pic by Andy Temkin’s Mom

I will admit, while I was initially really stoked on the re-issue, after seeing them in person, I’m kinda bummed. The classic Concor shows off its back end like a girl with a ton of confidence and a nice ass. It proudly displays its crisp and tight geometry. All the seams are pulled hard against the plastic shell. It’s proud and it lasts for years without coming apart.

new Concors – look at the white leather’s seams – pic by Chari & Co.

The new Concors look like NYC sewer rats chewed the leather out and then used their mucus to adhere it to the shell. Granted I haven’t ridden one, so I can’t speak of the quality of the new molds, but the craft is gone. Even if they are being hand made still, at least cut the leather out with a stamp! Or sharpen your scissors!

Please re-issue don’t Rape!

Cinelli’s Unicanitor re-issue is up next! As soon as I can find one.