Recent Roll: Mt. Disappointment

I love riding in LA. Well, not so much in Los Angeles as the Angeles National Forest. It’s home to the biggest climb in the continental United States (the Crest) and the routes you can take are limitless. From Cloud Burst, to Baldy and Mt. Wilson, meandering through the mountains is where I like to be when I visit LA.

So when Kyle asked me where I wanted to go the last time I was in LA, I told him that I didn’t care. His answer: Mt. Wilson and then Mt. Disappointment. I was game, as was Christian, one of Woody, Ty and Kyle’s employees. It was his first ride ever. While he didn’t go in for the haul up to Mt. Disappointment, he stuck his way up to the top of Mt. Wilson. Our day totalled around 65 miles and over 7,200′ of climbing. It was a blast!

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