Reader’s 4th of July: From All Over


Reader’s 4th of July: From All Over

Photo by Ehryn Ska

I gotta admit, I was a little surprised to not receive a whole lot of Reader’s 4th of July submittions. In fact, I think I only got a dozen, with most sending in a blurry, tiny photo and one sentence. At any rate, here are the final submissions!

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Photo by Ehryn Ska

“Here in Chicago myself, Shea Hardacre, Seth Root and a few of our good friends were all about hot babes, bikes, booze and lighting things on fire! WOO AMERICA.”


Rob shares with us a helmet reminder:

“I spent most of the 4th out riding around Lake Washington. On my way back I came flying down a hill with the sun in my eyes and wrecked pretty hard. Not sure what I hit, but the bars went sideways and I went flying. I popped back up and finished the ride and didn’t check my helmet until I got home. I hate to have to be Mr. Helmet Reminder but I’m thankful I was able to spend the rest of the day riding rather than bleeding out my head. Helmets for life.”

Photo by Amy Love

Photo by Amy Love

Palmer from Arizona decided to ride in the 122 degree weather:

“July 4th Phoenix, AZ. Temp outside of car said 122 degrees. Sitting in the kitchen reminiscing with my girlfriend about skate shit from my youth, when I recalled a secret spot. Holiday off and nothing better to do..Why not! With a few clues from some old timers. A couple hours searching the Sonoran desert we finally located our destination. Temp outside of car said 122 degrees. The transition is perfect.

Fujicrome Velvia 50 cross-processed “


Finally, the PDLNewYork crew took to the trails up in Westchester with their new road bikes:

“We’re mostly a track riding group but we love all bikes in general and most of us have been getting roadbikes. One of our more experienced road riding members lead a chill ride up through Westchester via car free bike trails with the Ultimate Destination being Kensico Dam. It was a great ride! Most of us were wearing cross shoes since we heard there was about a mile of unpaved dirt trail (which was actually very muddy from the all day rains of July 3rd) The muddy trail was sure fun to ride as well!”

Check out more at PDL New York!

Thanks for all the submissions guys. I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!