Rapha Presents the Turkey Takeoff


Rapha Presents the Turkey Takeoff


I don’t know what you’re up to this weekend but I just joined this challenge from Rapha on Strava.


This Thanksgiving holiday, don’t sit around and pile on the calories, ride them away with Rapha and Strava’s Turkey Takeoff.

Thanksgiving usually means eating and drinking as much as you possibly can. But Rapha and Strava are challenging you to ride as much as you can over the holiday to take off that turkey and burn 9000 calories* between Wednesday the 23rd and Sunday 27th November. Riders who complete the challenge will receive a Rapha Turkey Takeoff badge.

It’s time for the Turkey Takeoff.

Register at Strava:

Get your TT badge:
To receive the official Turkey Takeoff badge, please create a rapha account and email your home address to turkey@rapha.cc along with any written, photographed or digital documentation. We will blog the best submissions.