Rapha: Of Steel


Rapha: Of Steel

Wow. Ridley Scott and Rapha? Big time right there.

The inspiration for Rapha products often comes from the places, riders and stories of road racing. Our 2010 Club Jerseys were inspired by Johan Museeuw, Sean Kelly and Dario Pegoretti. To further celebrate these colourful characters Rapha commissioned three short films. The Rapha story labels were the inspiration, but the directors were given free reign to interpret them as they pleased.

Renowned film directors Nick Livesey and Adrian Moat took up the challenge, along with photographer and long time Rapha collaborator Ben Ingham. The resulting films are a delight, exploring passion, craftsmanship and the psychology of racing and getting right to the heart of the sport we love. It has been a privilege to work with Ridley Scott Associates and such talented friends on these films. I hope you enjoy them.