Rapha Jersey Pocket Stuff Competition on Facebook


Rapha Jersey Pocket Stuff Competition on Facebook


Jeremy from Rapha emailed me this new contest they’re running over on their Facebook:

“35 Entries and we are gearing up for more in the coming weeks. From a look at the Facebook Page you will see that no only do people like to get excited about what is in their fellow cyclists pockets, but also what goes on their heads and in their ears. People can be so opinionated on Facebook. But, it just goes to show that people are passionate about riding their bicycles. We have also had some “celebrity” bloggers and cycling personalities chime in with what they carry when they ride. The first installment of this is now live on the Rapha Blog from Bicycling Magazine’s Bill Strickland. See what he carries with him and why.”

Check out more here and post up your entries here on the Rapha Facebook. I’m still kind of dumb-founded how people get all worked up around riding with headphone(s). I do it but with only one ear bud in, on the opposite side of traffic. It’s just a supplement to the experience, not an attempt to drown it out. Sheesh.