Rapha: Jake Stangel’s Continental Photos


Rapha: Jake Stangel’s Continental Photos


Photos by Jake Stangel

As Rapha ramps up their Continental series, they’ve enlisted a very talented photographer to help out:

“The photographer that we worked with this time around is a character by the name of Jake Stangel. Aside from the Rapha Continental (he shot our Cycle Oregon feature last summer) he working with such magazines as Monocle, Dwell and ESPN shooting people, places, things and snowboarding respectively. His work with this year with the Rapha Continental is a great way for him to use what he has learned in these other venues to push the creative/fashion/sports agenda even further. This friday we will release the expanded gallery of photos from his trip, but I have included a few here for you to check out and pass around if you like. And keep an eye on Jake as he is “one to watch” as they say.”

Keep an eye on Rapha for more photos from Jake!