Radbot 1000 aka Hal 9000


Radbot 1000 aka Hal 9000

good morning Dave

A Portland Desgin Works x Arthur C. Clarke x Stanley Kubrick collabo right here. The Hal 9000 is too big for your bike, so the ingenious minds at PDW shrunk the circuits down to fit on your seatpost. Unfortunately, in doing so they had to 86 the soft voice of Douglas Rain but don’t be too upset because the final product is impressive.

Radbot 1000 is a new light from the Portland-based company. It boasts a 1.0 watt Japanese LED light and packs a mean defense system (well, not really). These lights are what car manufacturers are using in the brake lights in cars, so expect to be seen for blocks and maybe the cars will mistake you for one of their own, leaving you alone!

$30 at the PDW site.