The Radavist’s 10 Favorite Products of 2014


Look, none of us are exactly stoked on how consumer driven our world is. It should be about the ride, or the experience you get from being on a bike with friends, not who has the newest product or component. Yet, unfortunately to some, it is. To some extent anyway. Over here at the Radavist, we’re aware of this conundrum, but we’ll always try to steer you in the right direction when it comes to products. Remember, buy local when you can! You’re local bike shop needs you.

Check out some of our favorite products of 2014 below. Just try not to end up with an empty wallet, ok?


WTB 700c 40mm NANO Tires

These tires completely changed the way I ride and race my cyclocross bike. It went from feeling like a road bike with slightly larger tires to a mountain bike with slightly smaller tires. They even set up tubeless just fine (WTB’s tubeless version is out in January).


Spurcycle’s Made in the USA Bell

It’s amazing how something so small and simple can bring the most excitement. Bells are something every cyclist should use. From alerting joggers on the trail, to signaling stoke, the Spurcycle does all that and it’s 100% made in the USA.

Porcelain Rocket's Mr. Fusion Seat Bag

Porcelain Rocket’s Mr. Fusion Seat Pack

The Mr. Fusion Seat Pack is a collaboration between Scott of Porcelain Rocket and Rick Hunter. A seat pack that won’t sway, or jostle all over the place during your bikepacking expedition or S24 camping trip. 100% made by hand by dudes who give a shit.


The Rock Shox PIKE

For everything from a 120mm XC machine to a 150mm trail bike, the Pike has really impressed, on all accounts. For some reason, the usual technical jargon doesn’t seem right, all we can say is that it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tricking.


PAUL Components Quick Release

PAUL recently re-issued its first product ever: the Quick Release. They’re machined in Chico, California and when they’re in stock, they’re perfect accessories for any cyclist. Coming in 2015: anodized colors!


Kitsbow Icon Flannel

Flannels are staple attire for cycling. The problem is, most aren’t meant for on-the-bike movement. Kitsbow takes care of that with their made in the USA Icon Flannel. It’s even got those “rough rider” patches for the ever-looming #RubberSideUp moments on the trail.


SRAM Force CX1

For some reason, this one product brings out the critiques and naysayers, who swear by piecing together a number of components to get a similar product. Look, the total package of this group changed cyclocross bikes and it’s not necessarily about your bike, but the equipment that will be available on completes. We’ve never felt a more smooth group from SRAM. Well, when it’s covered in mud, anyway!


Blackburn’s Tallboy Cage

Products don’t necessarily have to be innovative, or crazy expensive to make our list of favorite products. The Blackburn Tallboy Cage holds those high-volume beverages that make your favorite ride all that more enjoyable.

ACRE Hauser Hydration Pack

ACRE Hauser Pack

Made in Colorado, from durable materials and available in two sizes, not to mention multiple colors, the ACRE Hauser pack took us from Switzerland to the French Alps and the Great Dividing Range in Australia. Part hydration, part portage. ACRE’s flagship bag is bound to impress.


Giro’s VR90 MTB Shoes

Not having to worry about slipping down rocks or that run up in a cross race is nice. Having the comfort of lace-up closure is even better. When they’re both combined, you’ve got a winner. Giro’s VR90 shoes made our trail rides and cross races all that more enjoyable this year.