Radar Roundup: Sim Works Taco Pedals and Burrito Rack, Wolf Tooth Remote Pro, Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk and Ponderosa Panniers, and Son of a Beach!


Radar Roundup: Sim Works Taco Pedals and Burrito Rack, Wolf Tooth Remote Pro, Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk and Ponderosa Panniers, and Son of a Beach!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Sim Works Taco Pedal and Burrito Rack $88/200

Teaming up with MKS and Nitto once again, Sim Works has two new products we’re salivating over, and not just because we’re hungry right now. The Taco Pedal features replaceable grip studs and bearings and features a large, 110mm x 105mm, platform for all-day riding.

Meanwhile, the Burrito rack clamps directly to your seatpost and either rack bosses mid-stay or clamps if your frame is bare. It will cradle your luggage whether it’s a rolled-up tent, jacket, camping chair, or a massive burrito and has a 10kg weight limit.

These two items are hitting Sim Works in April and May so we’ll update you as events warrant.

Wolf Tooth Remote Pro Dropper Lever $69.95

Have you used a Wolf Tooth dropper lever? Well, if you have you know it’s one of the smoothest on the market and the brand just upped the ante even more. ReMote Pro is cycling’s most adjustable and refined dropper lever. It features more adjustment than any other dropper lever so you can configure your cockpit based on riding style. It also features a machined assembly for durability and ergonomics. Eight clamp options are available that are compatible with most MTB handlebars and can integrate with several brake clamps for a clean and tidy cockpit.

See more at Wolf Tooth.

Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk and Ponderosa Panniers

Rack maker Old Man Mountain unveiled its newest products at Sea Otter this past week and included in that drop are two new classics for those who enjoy bike touring. The Juniper Trunk is 100% waterproof and made from TPU fabric and is designed to keep your gear dry and protected in sunshine or rain. You can secure the Tunk to your rack deck with four cam lock strapped buckles to keep is steady and secure.

Meanwhile, who doesn’t love a good set of solid panniers? Sunshine or rain, your gear will stay dry and protected since they are made of 100% waterproof TPU fabric with welded seams and Hypalon reinforcements. You can secure them to your pannier rack with camming velcro straps at the top and used the lower compression strap to loop through the rack and guarantee that your bags don’t turn into dumbo ears when you hit a bump, no matter how rough.

Roll on over to Old Man Mountain to sign up for alerts as to when these products will drop. You don’t want to miss out!

Pit Viper Son of a Beach Patterned MTB Gear

If you’re a fan of wild and zany designs and colors, then you probably know about Pit Viper. While it is best known for sunnies, the brand also makes MTB gear with the “Son of the Beach” collection being its latest drop. Filled with a sand grain pattern and fluorescent color hits, this riding kit is sure to keep you visible on the trail. With jerseys, pants, shorts, and of course eyewear you can go full on “SOB.”

See more at Pit Viper.


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While Josh was at Sea Otter, John was working on a video project in Moab that we’ll be stoked to share with you this summer!

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