Radar Roundup: Ron’s Goods, Wombats Shirt, 20% off FusionFiber Revel Wheels, New Dynaplug Covert Plugs, 1817 Cycling Gloves, Morse Stainless, Kitsbow Henleys, Biketown, and Look Behind the Curtain


Radar Roundup: Ron’s Goods, Wombats Shirt, 20% off FusionFiber Revel Wheels, New Dynaplug Covert Plugs, 1817 Cycling Gloves, Morse Stainless, Kitsbow Henleys, Biketown, and Look Behind the Curtain

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Ron’s Bikes Connecticut Tool Wallet and Doom’d Black Lava Tulips and Holly Cap $75/$20

Over in Connecticut, Ron’s Bikes have been busy running their new factory, Nutmeg Needleworks, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been developing some fun new products. First up is the Connecticut Tool Wallet, made in CT by Chapman Manufacturing, these nifty ratcheting wrenches come in a leather pack with:

2 – Phillips insert bits: #1, #2
1 – S25 Star (for disk brakes)
7- Metric Allen Hex insert bits: 2.0MM, 2.5MM, 3.0MM, 4.0MM, 5.0MM, 6.0MM, 8.0MM

These wallets have a stash pocket for your cash or grass and are shipping today.

Next up is the Doom’d Black Lava Tulips and Holly Cap. If you liked the previous Tulips and Holly Caps but your soul is too black for bright colors, now’s your chance!

Check out all the fine offerings at Ron’s Bikes.

Ponderosa Cyclery x Wombats Shirts $27

These WOMBATS shirts are a revival of the original dirt shirt doled out by Jacquie Phelan in the 90s during the early days or NORBA. Sales from these shirts go to help out Charlie Cunningham and Jacquie in Fairfax, CA. What exactly is WOMBATS?

“Women’s Mountain Bike and Tea Society- was started by Jacquie around 1986, after a few years of racing and riding in the early days of the Marin County mountain bike scene, and seeing how the sport was steadily becoming a “blood’n’guts arena for truly gnarly (but also trendy!) dudes”. The idea was to make a welcoming space for women to get into some off-road riding, without making them feel like they had something to prove. Chapters popped up and grew to hundreds of members across the US, hosting rides and skills workshops, with a focus on outreach and expansion, to spread the joy and love of dirt to as many people as possible.”

The pre-sale at Omaha Screen Co lasts through August 23rd and these shirts should print/ship by end of the month.

Revel Bikes is Having Multiple Sales

The Rail 27.5 is discounted 20%, Why Cycles are $750 off completes and $500 off frames, and last but not least, Revel FusionFiber wheels are 20% off!

Visit Revel Bikes online and use code: RWRAIL20 for 20% off your wheels today!

Dynaplug’s New Covert Plugs for MTB or Road Bars $124.99

Dynaplug makes the best tubeless tire plugs thanks to their patented design that is often imitated but never duplicated by its competitors. In order to successfully plug a tubeless tire hole, having tire plugs handy is of the utmost important and what’s closer to “on hand” than your bar ends? Whether it be for a road bike or a mountain bike, these new Covert plugs fit into your bar ends and are loaded with Dynaplug plugs! Check out the full Covert line at Dynaplug.

Portland Design Works 1817 Cycling Gloves $29

The classics will never die and Portland Design Works’ latest gloves take a look back to the 1970s with these vintage-inspired cycling gloves. The 1817 Cycling Gloves’ soft leather palms hug your handlebar and mold beautifully to your hand over time; while the airy cotton crochet back lets the cool breeze blow right on through.

See more at Portland Design Works.

Wolf Tooth Morse Cages in Stainless Are Back in Stock $29.95

If you demand more from your bottle cages and prefer stainless steel over carbon of plastic, the Wolf Tooth Morse cages are a great option. They have multiple drillings for different mounting positions so if you have a small frame or want to run a half-frame bag, you can dial in the location of your bottles. These are MUSA and in stock now from Wolf Tooth.

Kitsbow Larison (Men’s) and Eula Ridge (Women’s) Merino Henleys $89

Merino is a superior fabric when it comes to cycling apparel and clothing that can be worn on or off the bike is important when you’re trying to minimize your wardrobe. Luckily for us, brands like Kitsbow are always pushing the envelope of cycling apparel with their sewn-in-North-Carolina merino silhouttes.

These new merino henleys for men and women are proper 3-season shirts, made from a 75% Merino / 25% synthetic fabric blend. Making them both soft and warm against your skin, regulating moisture as conditions change, with no stink, and snaps to adjust for optimal temperature comfort and going on/off over a helmet.

See more at Kitsbow.



ENVE: A Look Behind the Curtain

Over the course of 15 years, ENVE has grown, yet remained unchanged in who they are: risk takers, engineers, and innovators, driven by their collective love of cycling. Step behind the curtain and see what makes ENVE unique.



How Trails Transform Communities: Biketown

Biketown is a story of mountain bikers, unlikely partnerships and the communities they create.


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