Radar Roundup: LOOK x Cafe du Cycliste, Frameworks x Cotic, Jones Duro Crux, North St Vancouver Day Pack, and 100 Copies 53 Dragons


Radar Roundup: LOOK x Cafe du Cycliste, Frameworks x Cotic, Jones Duro Crux, North St Vancouver Day Pack, and 100 Copies 53 Dragons

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

LOOK x Cafe du Cycliste Made in France Gravel Bundle $637

To satisfy your thirst for style and adventure, LOOK Cycle and Café du Cycliste have collaborated on a limited-edition set dedicated to gravel riding further and faster with originality at every pedal stroke.

For those who ride for freedom and adventure, seeking the journey rather than the results, LOOK Cycle and Café du Cycliste have created a unique pack, dedicated to the practice of gravel riding. Each box contains a pair of Café du Cycliste Gravel shoes, a pair of LOOK X-TRACK Race Carbon titanium pedals and a pair of unique Tie-Dye Socks.

With a balance of power and control thanks to the combination of Café du Cycliste shoes with carbon soles and the connection of LOOK X-TRACK pedals and cleats, your foot becomes one with the pedal and machine. The Tie and Dye patterns of the socks guarantee an original and unique flourish.

The perfect French Connection for surfing the dust, mud, rocks and asphalt with efficiency, power and style.

See more at Cafe du Cycliste.

Frameworks Racing to Test Cotic Reynolds 853 Front Triangle

Well this is exciting! Neko Mulally’s Frameworks Racing is going to be testing and potentially racing a Reynolds 853 steel front triangle designed and developed at Cotic. The brand has been working on this for a few months now, and Cotic is finally be able to tell you about it.

Read the full drop at Cotic.

Jones Duro Crux Plus Sized Tires 27.5 and 29 x 3.25″ $80

These tires are made with DURO’s exclusive D-Tech breaker technology, a thin and light layer of high-strength material that wraps around the bias plies of the tire’s casing, providing more strength and stability, and durability. The D-Tech breaker layer acts as a reinforcement, distributing stress and forces evenly across the casing for improved performance, and reduced risk of tread separation, punctures, and other tire damage.

The Duro Crux has a thin and flexible tread section that can easily flex to absorb small bumps and ripples for a smoother, more efficient ride with more traction, on all terrain.

If you have a plus bike, measure the chainstays where the tires fit and ensure you have at least 3.75″ of clearance before ordering from Jones Bikes.

North St Bags Vancouver Daypack $130

North St’s latest bag isn’t a bike bag per se, but who doesn’t love a good backpack? The Vancouver Daypack is a super lightweight backpack for your every day carry needs. Large main compartment gives plenty of room for your commute essentials and includes a built-in laptop sleeve with an anti-gravity cushion seam at the bottom, and room for velcro-in pockets.


  • 16″ x 10″ x 5″
  • 13 L (800 cu in)
  • 16.4 oz (.5 kg)
  • large main compartment
  • built-in laptop sleeve with bottom cushion seam
  • built-in pocket with key clip
  • room for one 10″ velcro-in pocket OR two 5″ velcro-in pockets
  • flexible lightweight mesh shoulder straps
  • water resistant US-made 3/4 zip opening
  • stealth external water bottle pocket for bottles up to 2.75″ diameter
  • made from waterproof recycled EcoPak sailcloth

Check out more at North St. Bags.

100 Copies 53 Dragons $100

This artwork illustrates Asia dragon can be likened to a cyclist, both embodying strength, agility, and a sense of awe-inspiring power. Whether flying through the air or racing along a winding road, both the dragon and the cyclist are truly a sight to behold.

The figure of each cyclist is created using a single, continuous brush stroke, similar to the one-stroke technique used in Chinese calligraphy which moves with the same fluidity and grace as dragons. Adapting to changes in terrain and shifting seamlessly from one gear to the next.

See more at 100 Copies.



Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo via @markchesterharding

One of our favorite Aussie illustrators just completed a bike tour across New Zealand with his dad and made these flash tattoo drawings.

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