Radar Roundup:  Surly Cross-Check is Dead, Black Mountain Monster Cross is Alive, Zipp HITOP Wheels, Pembree’s Extended Lineup, Descending Poster, Purisma Last Saturday, and My First Solo Overnighter


Radar Roundup: Surly Cross-Check is Dead, Black Mountain Monster Cross is Alive, Zipp HITOP Wheels, Pembree’s Extended Lineup, Descending Poster, Purisma Last Saturday, and My First Solo Overnighter

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Surly Cancels the Cross-Check Model

We reached out to Surly yesterday morning after seeing Mr. BicyclePubes’ artwork and received the following official sad news:

“Yes it is true. The much beloved and influential Cross-Check is no longer in production. 😭 It’s bike model that opened the door to a new way of two wheeled life for a lot of folks. It will be missed by many, including by those of us within Surly. Although we’d love to work on and produce all of the products we want, we too have limits to what we can make for a whole host of reasons, several of which are beyond our greasy handed grasps of control. So for now, Cross-Check is out of production, but you never know, if enough people yell loud enough, perhaps it could come back for a visit here and there.”

There was a time when the Cross-Check was one of the more prolific bike models out and about at cutty grassroots ‘cross races, sub-24-hour-overnighters, and gravel races alike. It certainly paved the way (bad pun!) for a lot of cyclists looking to expand their horizons… Ride in Peace, Cross-Check!

If you have a Cross-Check build or memory, drop them in the comments…

Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross

Fear ye not, fans of the Cross-Check, for there is a solid human, who owns a solid bike shop, with a long pedigree of dirt-oriented bicycle design who makes a bike that is pretty similar to it: the Black Mountain Cycles Monster Cross. The framesets run $875.00 and completes–available through Black Mountain Cycles–come in around $3185 for Shimano and $3265 for SRAM.

Check out the Monster Cross at Black Mountain Cycles.

Zipp 1ZERO HITOP SW and S MTB Wheels $1950/$1350

Taking the tech developed for the 3ZERO wheels, which John reviewed a while back, and simplifying them for XC racing, the newest release from Zipp features two models, the SW and S 1ZERO wheels. Designed for the rigors of modern racing, HITOP Technology produces proprietary rim layup to provide compliance and confidence when the trail gets rough. This “ankle compliance” is possible due to the winged rim, that provides a smooth resting surface for the tire, reducing the chance of pinch flats after a rock hit.

The SW wheels weigh in at 1325g and the S wheels 1495g. Both wheels use the newest TYREWIZ 2.0 tech, which offers +/-2% accuracy at a resolution of .1 PSI.

See more at Zipp.

Pembree’s Made in the UK, Carbon Neutral Components Expand

It was back in 2021 when we first posted about a new UK manufacturer called Pembree who made “the most sustainable pedal“–the R1V. Well, the brand has expanded into more UK-manufactured, carbon-neutral components including a new D2A pedal, a DBN seat collar, and VFS stem. These components look sharp and are all shipping from Pembree directly for solid prices, so roll on over to Pembree to check them out!

Descending Poster by RVMBLE €50

Can you have too many cycling posters? N+1, right? RVMBLE’s latest product is a print titled “Descending” and features a dreamy hairpin road with three cyclists carving it downhill.

Each poster is hand-screen printed and numbered and no two posters will be exactly identical. The poster may contain minor blemishes and slight inaccuracies as it is nearly impossible to print all color areas exactly on top of each other.

The poster is shipped specially packaged in a suitable cardboard box. This packaging is included in the price and unfortunately also results in higher shipping costs outside Germany.


  • 7-color screen print
  • Handprinted in Dresden
  • A2 size (420 x 594 mm)
  • On 270g Igepa CoffeeCup Paper®.
  • 100% recycled paper, especially sustainable paper, chlorine and acid-free, aging-resistant.





Belle has been traveling by bike for 6 years but have never once spent the night camping alone. During her time in Kyrgyzstan, she found herself with a few days free while her partner Tristan was racing in the Silk Road Mountain Race. So, she decided it was finally time to cross that barrier and embark on her first-ever overnighter…



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High quality fine art rendering by @bicyclepubes

Pubey was the first to break the news of the Cross-Check dying…

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