Are the PEMBREE R1V Pedals the Most Sustainable on the Market?


Are the PEMBREE R1V Pedals the Most Sustainable on the Market?

At this point, we should all be paying attention to what we consume and these days it’s hard to tell what is a good product versus what is good marketing. Make things people want instead of making people want things, right? Companies taking the stand and pushing for sustainable production and also recycling is important. I for one, want products with environmental considerations, that push progression of product design. That’s why the PEMBREE R1V pedals caught my eye. Here’s why:

They are carbon Neutral, including transport to customers.
Materials: All individual components of the R1V are fully recyclable.
Recycling aluminium reduces energy consumption by 95% compared to producing new.
Energy: The Pembree factory solely uses renewable energy from Ecotricity
Manufacturing: All swarf is 100% recycled. No waste to landfill.
Packaging: All Pembree packaging is recycled, can be recycled and is 100% plastic free
Trade In: At the end of life all of your Pembree products will be welcomed back for recycling and you will get a credit on future Pembree products.

These pedals retail for $218 but come with a 5-year warranty. Even if you balked at that price – like I did – it’s good to see the environmental considerations motivating production. See more at PEMBREE.