Radar Roundup: Chater-Lea Builds, the Swift Industries Olliepack Seat Bag, Duty Now For the Future, Post to Flat Mount, TDR Kit, and Crust TV Episode 1


Radar Roundup: Chater-Lea Builds, the Swift Industries Olliepack Seat Bag, Duty Now For the Future, Post to Flat Mount, TDR Kit, and Crust TV Episode 1

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Two Chater-Lea Builds from Eurobike

Chater-Lea is convinced that to redefine the future, we have to look back first, this is what they call retro-futurism, and for this summer, they have partnered with different brands around the globe -with a special look to their beloved green and pleasant land – to come up with these two builds. The titanium, Made-in-England & Hope component equipped Enigma Esker GR is ready for the long haul & the brakeless Crust Lightning Bolt is also built for adventure boasting dynamo lighting & Ritchey Breakaway couplers.

Enigma Esker: Fast dust and endless roads

Where the endurance road bike meets the fast cross bike, that’s where you’ll find the versatility and performance offered by the Esker GR.​ ‘Esker’ is a long ridge of gravel and other sediments typically having a winding course. This particular build certinaly had that kind of riding in mind and was assembled to showcase Chater-Lea’s timeless crankset in coordination with Hope Technology hubs & headset as a Made-In-England foundation to the build. Also made in the UK, Restrap bags upon Bend, Oregon-based Old Man Mountain Elkhorn racks complete the bike which was featured in the Old Man Mountain booth at Eurobike 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Crust Lighting Bolt: A fixation with adventure and constant joy

Belonging to a relatively recent Amsterdam expatriate from Tampa, Florida; Jordan Miller of Texarkana NL, this Crust Lightning Bolt build is a special steed indeed. Jordan loaned this unique without-brakes whip to Jon Woodroof of Twotone to ride at Eurobike this year and it turned heads at the rack at the show, after parties, and Gravel Club ride on the unpaved paths not far outside of the city.

Swift Industries Teases Its New Olliepack Seat Bag

A great addition to any off-road rig, the Olliepack Seat Bag offers a straightforward, roll-top closure providing added water resistance as well as variable capacity to suit your carrying needs throughout the roughest of rides. No rack or hardware needed to lock this bag tight under the saddle and out of the way enough to get your bum behind the saddle while negotiating steep descents or tight trails.

This seat bag stays snug and stable on the most rugged terrain with the trusty help of secure saddle rail buckle straps and an oversized, grippy seat post velcro strap. Close the bag and compress your gear by rolling and cinching the main compartment. Once the main hatch is closed, an external powermesh stash-pocket allows for quick storage of a lightweight layer, wrappers and more. Reflective detailing on the compression straps keeps you visible on the road.

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Join the Olliepack Launch List at Swift Industries.

Rapha’s Duty Now For the Future Feature

Our friend Nicholas Haig-Arack wrote a piece for Rapha’s blog after working on trails in the Cascade Crest with the Oregon Timber Trail Association:

“Nothing creates a sense of community among mountain bikers like a weekend of trailwork. Sharing a laugh over a cold drink after a hard day of physical labor. Shoveling dirt alongside a complete stranger until they become a new friend. Staring into a flickering campfire whilst swapping stories of your wildest rides. Washing off a day’s worth of trail dust with a quick dip in a high alpine lake. These experiences instill a sense of camaraderie and fellowship that transforms us.”

Roll on over to Rapha to read this lovely piece!

Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Adapter $29.95

If you are building a new bike with a flat mount brake kit but your fork is post mount, Wolf Tooth has a fix for you. These post to flat mount adapters allow you to run a road kit on a mountain frame. These adapters add +20mm to the brake, spacing it out, which means a 140mm size will only work with a 160mm rotor, or 160mm and 180mm, and so on. Wolf Tooth Post to Flat Mount Brake Adapters are CNC machined with 6061-T6 aluminum. These are sold individually.


  • Fits on post mount native sizes 140, 160, and 180mm
  • Works with rotor sizes 160, 180, and 200mm
  • Tested with SRAM and Shimano brakes
  • Requires minimum 13mm between top of brake boss to frame/fork
  • Includes (2x) M5x13mm flat head bolts for flat mount caliper and (2x) M6x15mm socket head bolts for post mount
  • Weight 17g
  • Material 6061-T6 Aluminum

See more at Wolf Tooth.




Sofiane Sehili’s Tour Divide Winning Kit

Sofiane Sehili walks us through his winning Tour Divide kit from this year’s ultraendurance race.



Crust Bikes TV Episode 1

Max visits Crust HQ and went on a ride around Richmond trails with ride leader Garret. Matt & Calvin company. weather was steamy. Tune in for Episode 1!


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