2014 Texas Cyclocross State Championships

This year, Texans got a true taste of what cyclocross is. We had a muddy, cold and shitty season. I wish I could have attended more races, but my travel schedule took precedence over my race schedule. Luckily, I was able to race and photograph the 2014 Texas Cyclocross State Championships this past weekend.

While there was no rain and the temperatures were in the 60’s, the winds were howling out of the southeast for most the day, sending the taped course into chaos. Saturday’s race was “skill based”, separating racers by category. 5’s through Cat 1’s and singlespeed.

What I directed my lens at was a good representation of what it’s like to race in Texas. For me, the women’s field was most impressive. They were tough and as an all-out grudge match unfolded, I watched some of the most competitive cycling of the year… Oh and fun stuff. Loads of fun stuff.

See for yourself in the Gallery.