Quick Fix 01: Colby Elrick of SKYLMT


Quick Fix 01: Colby Elrick of SKYLMT


I get a lot of offers from people to do features here on Prolly is Not Probably and while I usually turn most down, I couldn’t resist an idea that Burd Phillips approached me with. The idea was to interview some of the long-time figures in fixed freestyle and pick their brains about what they’ve been up to. Many people made their names in this scene and have used that momentum to launch new projects. When Burd and I first chatted, the obvious candidate for the first Quick Fix was Colby Elrick, from SKYLMT. Colby recently left Macaframa and Burd picks his brain about his newest endeavors.

Check out Quick Fix with Colby Elrick below!

Photo by Ryan Lindow

Burd: So I heard that after you left Macaframa you started directing porn. Is that true?

Colby: Yes it’s true, my new porn company is Filmoreguts.com. We specialize in hipster mustache rides.

Burd: Hell yeah! I’m looking forward to lots of ultra slo-mo HD dolly money shots!

Colby: [Laughs.] And close up fisheye shots. No pun intended.

Photo by Ryan Lindow

Burd: So this SKYLMT thing is just a side project then… what’s that all about? Are you the main brain, or are you working with someone else?

Colby: SKYLMT is not a side project, it’s my new company. It’s all mine and it’s a lot of fun. I have a couple guys helping me with various things, my boys Corbin Dahl and Ryan Lindow. I’m going to be putting out full length video parts on iTunes often and then I have a full parts and frame line coming out soon too. All hand made in America and all designed by SKYLMT pro riders, no corporations or any outsider nonsense. Can’t name names yet but I can assure you they don’t get any better than these guys.

Burd: Hmm. Does one of their names start with La and end with Marche? That’s just a guess.

Colby: [Laughs.] Not answering that yet.


Burd: Sorry, I won’t go there. What’s this thing you’re doing with Mini Cooper? How did that get started?

Colby: The mini cooper thing came about through Vice magazine. They contacted my friend Brandon Fink, he did our motion graphics for Maca and he does Finktoons. They wanted to get in contact with me to do this little project. We got to use four Mini Countrymen and do whatever the hell we wanted and film it. So, I came up with the idea for a little road trip from SF to the Wheeltalk compound and a trick comp over the Mini. We rounded up some Bay area homies and went for it. Pretty random, but it was fun to go buck in those cars and get paid! Gotta get that start up money mang!

Photo by Ryan Lindow

Burd: Wait, I thought you said no corporate nonsense?

Colby: [Laughs.] I take from the corporate to feed the poor… ME. SKYLMT is a riders’ company. No grubby hands in the cookie jar steez, you know? We are going to be eating off this plate.

Photo by Ryan Lindow

Burd: I was kidding, of course. I know there’s a big difference between companies paying you and companies owning you. So Macaframa was primarily San Fran–centric… will SKYLMT be the same way? All about the West Coast flavor?

Colby: The first part that comes out was filmed in SF only, but the ones after that will be all over. Lots of traveling to film for this. No stress, just good times. You’re going to have one!

Burd: Worldwide and unified. I love it. OK Colby, thanks for filling us in on your plans, can’t wait to see the results!


MANY THANKS to Burd and Colby for taking the time to pull this together. Be on the look out for more Quick Fix posts in the near future and if you feel like you would be a good candidate, email me!