QBP’s History of Fat and the Remolino Fat


QBP’s History of Fat and the Remolino Fat


Remolino was the first company to go to market with all the crucial pieces that make a fat bike. Including 3.5” tires, 80mm rims, and a frame to accept the wide, plump tires. Ray Molina, the guy behind Remolino, donated a production model to help kick off QBP’s History of Fat exhibit at last week’s Interbike.

I had planned on shooting the exhibit, but every time I went by to check it out, the booth was swarmed.

Andy from QBP sent over a few studio shots of this bike, which you can check out below.



Here’s a fun fact: Remolino’s tires were made using an existing tire mold and with a handmade center section added in. They were made in Mexico City on the very same machines that made Model T tires around the turn of the century. The rims are drilled for two valve cores as well.