Germany’s Puros Builds the Ultimate Gravel Bike


Germany’s Puros Builds the Ultimate Gravel Bike

As the elusive “quiver killer” bike continues to be on the minds of many cyclists, the one bike that can do it all, brands will continue to throw their hats into the ring, offering their take on what that bike might be. One such brand is Germany’s Puros, who builds frames in Germany, built with many EU components for what they think is the ultimate gravel bike.

The Puros Gravel Bike (11.980€) was born from the idea of building a gravel bike that leaves nothing to be desired. We only use the highest quality components. We always make sure to work with manufacturers, workshops and suppliers that produce in Germany and Europe wherever possible.

Each frame is made from specially butted steel in Germany and completed with carbon components made in Germany – tradition meets high-tech.

Modern special steels ensure excellent riding characteristics and are easy to repair in the event of an accident. Even when you’re out and about in the most remote corners of the world.

Each custom-made frame is preserved in a cathodic dip coating to ensure maximum resistance to all weather conditions.
A wet paint finish in your desired color, glossy or matt, protects the frame from the outside and puts it in the right light.

The frames are built with Campagnolo components, Cybercycles cranks, Wolfpack tires, MCFK, a Carbonworks, Bike Ahead cockpit, Magura, Hope/Galfer brakes, Ceramicspeed bearings, and Impellers wheels built with standard hubs or a SON hub.

Puros also offers a complete bikepacking bag setup (480€), made by Halle from Ultra™ 200 material.

See the full bike at Puros.