PTAP Designs Chonker Handlebar or Saddle Pack


PTAP Designs Chonker Handlebar or Saddle Pack

The PTAP Designs Chonker is the perfect accessory for both your daily commute and your next bikepacking adventure. Influenced by classic English saddlebag design, the Chonker has added some new modern flourishes to work well for rack-less bicycle touring. The inspiration for its name comes from our resident chonky boi pupper Bodie.

Features include:
-Tapered side pockets that fold down flat when not in use
-Semi-rigid and removable HDPE liner to help keep shape whether empty or full
-Voile Nano straps and birch dowel for excellent mounting support
-Interior Dimensions 12”x7”x7”
-14L capacity
-Fully enclosed design for maximum water resistance

There are five total color options in case the floral is too flashy for your liking.

Additional Information:
When using rack-less as a front bag, please allow for a minimum of 9.5” clearance from the top of your handlebars to the tire. We recommend using a saddlebag support rack and a saddle that has saddle loops if you will be mounting it in the rear. The exterior of the bag measures roughly 14.5” wide (at its widest point) so make sure you have ample room if using drop bars

Retail is $170.00 with the pre-order live now, 8/24/2020 – 9/8/2020. Orders will be shipped mid to late September