Prolly is Not Probably’s Top Fixed Freestyle Riders of 2010


Prolly is Not Probably’s Top Fixed Freestyle Riders of 2010


2010 proved one thing: fixed freestyle is here to stay for at least another year. I never thought that people would be getting paid or flown around to compete but it’s true. With heavy hitters from all over flooding competitions and pushing themselves to the limit, there can only be a select few top riders.

Read on below to find out who are the Prolly is Not Probably Top Fixed Freestyle Riders of 2010!

These two girls rose to fame in 2010 with their astonishing performance at the 2009 Junior European Indoor Cycling Championship. Their fixed freestyle maneuvers are unmatched proving that Germany is still, home to the reigning champion of fixed freestyle. Seriously, did you see the double-decker, no-handed fakie wheelie to rollout at 3:24?


Did you really think I was going to put myself on the chopping block and name the top 10 riders? Hell no! I’ve judged enough competitions to know that people take that shit way too seriously! I’m seriously stoked to see how far all this has come in the few years it’s been progressing. Who knows what 2011 will bring!