Prolly and Outlier Workwear Pant Giveaway


Prolly and Outlier Workwear Pant Giveaway


Prolly is not Probably and Outlier are giving away a pair of the new Outlier Workwear Pants to the best picture of crotch blowout.

Here’s how to win:

– Find a pair of your jeans or any other pants you’ve blown out and leave a picture of it in the comments (see below for instructions).
– Definitely include any pants that have been sewn multiple times and just generally really destroyed.
– Tell us how long it took before your pants were blown out.
– How did happen (points go to humorous mishaps).
– That’s it.

The winner will be announced Saturday September 19th.

How to embed images in the comments.

I’ve enabled the IMG tag. What you’ll want to have is something like this: