Profile Fixed & Geekhouse


Profile Fixed & Geekhouse

Spotted this nice shot over at Trick Track and I’m going to take a guess what’s going on here. Geekhouse sub-contracted a fabrication house to make SAE-standard track bolts to fit a Profile fixed hub. These bolts lay flush with a custom-designed Geekhouse fork-end (dropout). The laywer’s lips keep the hub and wheel attached to the fork, even if the bolts come loose or the rider forgets to torque them down. Sexy and clean detail. Hats off gentleman.

I’m probably wrong on a few points there, so feel free to correct me if you know any more details!

Wait till you see what we’re working on…

Edit: Marty from Geekhouse and Christian from Profile posted comments with some more information, so head down to read them.

Profile Fixed 3/8″ Axles Available Friday