Product Review: S S C Y Bandolier Bag


Product Review: S S C Y Bandolier Bag



A while back, I met a guy named Seldon who had a rather peculiar bag on. I asked about it and he showed it to me in detail. Turns out, he was beginning a company called S S C Y and the bag he had was one of the early prototypes for the Bandolier Bag, a kind of double sling pack. The day before I left for Melbourne, it came in the mail so I tried it out on some errands.

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Wearing a big backpack in the Texas summer is no joke. You’re essentially going to wearing a sweat sponge within minutes and while I love my ILE Photographers Bag, sometimes you just need to carry a few, small items.


Here’s how S S C Y describes the Bandolier Bag:

“This is the bag for those light days at the park or a day ride when a hip bag is too small but a messenger bag is too much. Carry a sandwich, a map, an extra shirt, a camera, your ebook, a drink, an extra tube and still have room thanks to the diagonal expandable pleat. The best part of the Bandolier is that you can always easily access either pouch on the fly without ever taking off the bag or dismounting from your bike by just swinging the bag over your shoulder. Cinch it up like a messenger bag and it stays in place while you ride. The bag is compact enough to wear under a jacket, particularly useful if you get caught in bad weather. But if you do get caught off guard the bandolier is made of tough water resistant nylon that is PVC backed with a large interior pocket made of the same stuff.”


In short, it’s a two-part shoulder bag that allows you to pull each bag across your shoulders to access their compartments without having to dismount. Think of it as two messenger bags on the same shoulder strap.


The Bandolier Bag is durable, well constructed and waterproof. Each bag is hand-made in NYC and will withstand daily wear and tear.


It’s perfect for quick, around town errands but I’ll be using to hold lenses while I shoot events. Thanks to Seldon for sending me one to review! You can pick one up here at the S S C Y shop or at one of their stockists.