Product Review: Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand


Product Review: Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand


I try to really put a product to use before I review it. Back in early September, Feedback Sports sent me their Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand. Living in NYC, the idea of having a stand is ludicrous. Who the hell has room in their apartment for a work stand? When the package from Feedback came, I thought it was a joke. It was so compact. I think it fit in a 8″ x 8″ x 42″ box. I opened it up and this nylon tote bag was wrapped in plastic, I removed the plastic and out came this compact work stand.

Check out more photos and the rest of my review below.


Here’s the stand, right out of the nylon tote. Feedback Sports describes the Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand as:

“The Pro-Elite is the go-to repair stand for mechanics on the road. This heavy-duty portable stand features our quick release clamp head and the rubber jaws can accommodate up to 2.6″ tubing. Stable on almost any surface, this stand can support 85 lbs. and has an adjustable work height from 42″- 71″. Anodized aluminum tubing will not rust.”


No tools were required to set it up and unlike other stands, the tripod footing of this stand is remarkably solid. I brought it with me to Interbike and built a few bikes on it there. At one point, I was hammering BMX cranks off a bike on the stand and it wasn’t moving. Super solid! Because of the clamp mechanism, the footing can be adjusted for any floor-area requirements. Obviously, all the way open is best.


What makes this stand unique is the patented quick-release Secure-Lock. Simply push a button and the stand releases its grip. Then slide it back and lock it down to secure the bike.


It’s solid as hell.


And holds any bike just fine. I’ve put this stand to the test. Right now, it’s at Affinity and the guys have been using it when their other two stands are full. Taking it to and from a location is easy, especially with the nylon tote. Then it slides under a bed or in a closet until it needs to be used again.

The Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Bicycle Repair Stand runs from between $220 – $240 online. Other stands, including the Pro-Classic Bicycle Repair Stand are a little more affordable. Either way, Feedback Sports makes one solid repair stand.