Product Review: Cult x Vans Grips


Product Review: Cult x Vans Grips


One of the other reasons why I went up to Empire BMX last week was to check out the new Cult x Vans grips. I’m an ODI Longneck guy and have tried other grips, always returning to the tried and true ODI compound. So when I found out that ODI used their proprietary grip compound on these grips, it was all the convincing I needed to drop the $10 to give them a shot.


ODI’s grips are made in the USA and after a quick break-in period, they’re pretty comfy. Sweaty hands aren’t an issue either. I know grips are a personal preference thing, like shoes but the contact to the bars is spot-on. I’m sure your local shop has them in stock but if that’s not the case, swoop these up at Empire in all four colors.