Post-Ride Coffee: Liaison Cafè


Post-Ride Coffee: Liaison Cafè


So we’ve already heard the mantra that some Aussies live by here in Melbourne: “life’s too short to ride shit bikes”. The same can be said about coffee. With the cafe scene booming in the CBD and surrounding areas, it’s comforting to know that when you sit down at Liaison Cafe, over 20 years of experience in coffee goes into your cup. Danny and his lovely lady Siany greet each customer like they’re family. At this quaint coffee shop in a tiny alley off Lt. Collins, a few surprises await you.

Check out more from my (Coffee) Shop Visit to Laison Cafe below!


Danny is all about the craft of the cup. Liaison’s branding welcomes all types of people. Pedestrians, cyclists, scooterists (is that a word?), all appreciate the coffee, sandwiches and treats that are in store for them during standard business hours.


Some prefer to swing by after a training ride. Here’s Mitch Anderson‘s Giant road bike, leaned up against a wall famous for its photographic friendliness. Mitch is the second pro I’ve met at the shop in the few times I’ve been in the shop.


The architectural envelope that cradles Laison is as inviting as the numerous chairs surrounding the patio.


Once you’re inside Liaison, you’re in good hands.


I just love the iconography and branding! Soon appearing in the Melburn Roobaix FYXO kits!


It doesn’t matter what time of day you roll through, it’s always packed with interesting people. From artists, to authors and architects, the clientele is worthy of small talk.


When I walk in the door, my coffee’s awaiting me, just how I like it and don’t think that I’m getting any kind of special treatment. Danny remembers each of his customer’s orders and names.


So swing through after your ride and pull up a chair. Have a long black or a caffè latte and people watch. I took Fyxo’s recommendation coming here and I’ve been coming back each day! Life’s too short to drink shit coffee.

For more coverage on Danny’s operation, head over to Fyxo for the complete Roobaix break-down! And you can check out more photos at my Flickr!

Liaison Cafe
(03) 9663 3225
22 Ridgway Pl Monaco House
Melbourne, 3000