Post-Ride Coffee: Genovese and Ben’s Columbus MAX Peter Bundy Track


Post-Ride Coffee: Genovese and Ben’s Columbus MAX Peter Bundy Track



Ben has exquisite taste when it comes to coffee and bikes. We’ve already seen his neon Mazza track but we’ve yet to see where he works. BT runs the barista training facility at Genovese roasters here in Melbourne. There he hold seminars, teaching the city’s newest baristas how to pull a mean shot. When I showed up to shoot his bikes, he gave me a tour of their facility and let me shoot his unique, triple triangle, Columbus MAX Peter Bundy Track.

Check out photos of both below!


Before we get to the bike, it’s time for the good stuff. Ben’s expertise is roasting the boutique batches of beans. Most of the batches that are roasted in bulk contain anywhere form 8-10 different kinds of beans.


Ben works on batches that contain 3-4 types of beans. This allows him to have complete control over the palette of flavor. Here, the beans come in from the farms in large bags where they’re dumped into a cleaning machine that removes dirt and then shoots the beans into a large vat where they’re stored.


When they’re ready, the vat empties them into the roaster.


Via this vacuum.


Then they’re bagged and shipped out.


What Ben does is work in smaller batches, with a machine that’s a fraction of the size. He then hand-bags each batch, labels them and delivers them to select shops.


From the roastery, Ben gave me a tour of the museum where a familiar face had stories to tell of a great man named Merckx.


All this coffee talk brings us back around to this Peter Bundy track bike. Based in Sydney, Peter Bundy is a bike shop that hand-builds track frames.


The classics never die.


Columbus MAX ain’t no little kid’s tubeset. It’s a beefy, oversized, steel weapon used by stage racers and track beasts. If you wear your girlfriend’s jeans, you best not apply.


Unlike Ben’s other MAX track bike, this one’s sporting a simple color. The silver and black compliments it well and unless you know what you’re looking at, you could mistake it for a standard “fixie”.


But this beast is anything but that. It’s Ben’s “beater” and the triple triangle is something else. I fucking love this bike and I cannot wait to get my Columbus MAX track bike!

Check out more photos from the Genovese roasters here and more detail shots of Ben’s Columbus MAX Peter Bundy here!

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