Phil Wood: Japan Tsunami Relief Track Hubs


Phil Wood: Japan Tsunami Relief Track Hubs


Phil Wood is really stepping up the Japan Tsunami relief cause:

“The set is going to be $650 for silver track hubs, 120mm spacing (includes the track cog of your choice) and is available in 32 or 36 spoke hole count. They are also available in all standard anodizing colors for an additional upcharge (black ($40 for the set), red, blue, green, purple, pink, orange ($100 for the set)). The artwork was done by a Japanese friend of ours then refined by another friend. The laser etching is done here, in house.

We’re doing 100 sets. 50 in silver, 20 in black, and 5 in each of the other anodized colors.”


Thanks for the inside scoop Phil Wood!