Peel Sessions 11.05.09


Peel Sessions 11.05.09

Wonka 360 by Andrew Temkin

Damn! Andy is fast! Kid’s already got the pictures from last night up on his Flickr. Check out more bangers, including a massive wallride after the jump!

Nate swooping by Andrew Temkin

Nate was on his BMX, getting vertical.

MASSIVE! by Andrew Temkin

Wonka hit this shit like 4 times, eating it hard once and then popping back up to do it again. You have no idea how big this is!

Wonka wallride by Andrew Temkin

Prolly nose bonk by by Andrew Temkin

ConditionNYC has another shot of this, piggy-backing on Andy’s flash.

More pictures here!

Peel Sessions 10.29.09