Pearl Velo Has Some of the Best Branding


Pearl Velo Has Some of the Best Branding


I know I’ve given Denver, specifically Pearl Velo, a lot of love here on the site this week and it’s not going to end. Not yet anyway. One of the best ways small bike shops can generate income during the slow winter months is through selling merchandise. The problem is, very few shops put time and energy into this, so they miss out on the opportunity.


I’m not talking about putting a vector, silkscreened logo drawn in MS paint on a shirt either. I’m talking about branding. Pearl Velo’s branding is spot-on and their trucker caps are the best I’ve seen. I’ll always advocate supporting your local shop but there’s nothing wrong with supporting the rad shops in this community either.

Pick up a Pearl Velo trucker cap, or a shirt, koozie or a bottle here and encourage good bike shop branding.

Thanks for everything Tyler! I had a blast.