PDX_002 Rapha Road Ride


PDX_002 Rapha Road Ride


This morning we all woke up exhausted and headed over to the Rapha offices to do a quick little road ride. Tomorrow is the Gentlemen’s Race here in Portland and there’s a bunch of people in town, so at 10am, we met up with 20 or so riders and took off to the hills surrounding the city. While I didn’t bring my camera with me, I did take two photos.

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More on Jeremy’s Richard Sachs road bike later…

Here’s the route we took. Finally getting to ride here in Portland eased a lot of anxiety I’ve been having about taking on the hills and mountains of Oregon and California fully loaded. My Geekhouse felt great today, like a big Cadillac. It climbed great with the new rear drivetrain and it descended like a freight train. Being surrounded by nature and not having to endure 100+ degrees was much-needed. We’ll see how I feel after a few days on the road!

Tomorrow I’m heading out with the Embrocation team to shoot photos for them at the Rapha Gentleman’s Race. I’ll be hanging off the back of a scooter for the 130 mile race. It should be pretty bad-ass!

Check back for more on that later…