Paul’s Blue Balls


Paul’s Blue Balls

Whoa! Talk about a barn find!

“So…’s a funny story! We were about to demolish the downstairs bathroom and there were a bunch of old Sierra Nevada beer boxes above it with an inch of machine-oil soaked dust on them. Most of them were full of old paperwork, but upon peeking inside one of them, we were surprised to discover all the components and packaging to build up a bunch of this long discontinued product: “Blue Balls”. This was a seatbinder bolt we manufactured from 1992 to 1994. If you order one of these, you’re getting the original “New Old Stock” part, in its original packaging card with the peace sign on the back that Paul drew by hand. So all you people who’ve been commenting “Bring back Blue Balls!” on our Instagram….. There, we did it, who loves ya?!

These only fit frames designed for an external seatbinder bolt or quick-release, like your dad’s 80’s mountain bike. The minimum distance between the balls is 26mm, and the maximum distance is 40mm. If you don’t know if this will fit your bike, go to a bike shop and ask an expert.”

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