I love DJ Rupture. Simply one of the best producers / djs out there. His previous release Uproot Was one of the best releases in 2008.

Jace also toured with the Ex‘s guitarist Andy Moor back in 2007. Bootlegs of their performance have been floating around for a bit, but this is the official release of their performance. The album has great mashups of artists ranging in genres from Edgard Varese to Skream! Andy’s distortion pedals and guitar tweaks the beats and Rupture drops it down to a bass-driven mashup. His previous work with Mutamassik and other musicians have shown that Jace has an open mind and can straight slaughter anything he’s given!

I guess I’m a tad late on the release, since Amazon says November 2008 and Boomkat says March 2009. Not sure which is more accurate.


The second track is making me want to break shit. So bangin’. It’s a surprise though, so you’ll have to wait.