Outlier Workwear Pants


Outlier Workwear Pants

Will fall approaching too soon and the nights getting crisper, it’s time to be thinking about what pants you’re going to be wearing during the colder months. Outlier has you covered once again with their Workwear Pants.

From their site:

A pair of pants stripped down to it’s most minimal form and rebuilt for pure function in a 21st century city. Hardwearing, comfortable, tough and honest. The Outlier Workwear cut.

Before we started Outlier we would blowout our jeans every six or eight weeks, they just weren’t made for how we ride our bikes. The Outlier Workwear pants are our attempt to make something better than jeans, an anti-jean if you will. We don’t use denim, we aren’t too concerned about fashion and we make no attempt at “authenticity.” When Levi-Strauss invented the jean, we don’t think he copied centuries old pants and fabric. Rather he tried to make the best pants he could with the technology of his day, which is exactly what we did.

We didn’t study some long dead miner’s trousers and then carefully distress the garment to match. We didn’t track down some antique loom and use it to make our fabric exactly the way it was back then. You don’t need to wear our pants for six months to break them in just right. There is nothing “authentic” about these pants at all, they’re just a simple and strong garment you can live in day in and day out.

We started with the fabric, we wanted something that was both more durable than denim yet also more comfortable. We found it in the Outlier Doubleweave Canvas, a fabric that can take a serious beating yet feels great against the skin. The outer weave is a tough Cordora® canvas, the inside a soft brushed back. It’s highly water resistant, quick drying and breathes incredibly well so you get none of that clammy constriction of wet denim. The self-cleaning lotus treatment keeps you looking crisp and smelling great. A curved waistband and gusseted crotch ensure full freedom of movement, just throw them on and start your day, let’s go.