Outlier: the Khaki OG


Outlier: the Khaki OG

Khakis aren’t exactly my cup of tea. I grew up down South in a beach community and i’ve had my share of pleated khakis and Tommy Bahama shirts. But to some people, wearing khakis is a daily task and many of those people commute in their work attire by bike. With the material being such a light hue, khakis are an inevitable dirt and stain magnet. Cue Outlier; for the people who need to dress nicely and prefer to commute by bike, rather than by train or car.

Outlier has just released a khaki paint in the OG cut. Introducing the Outlier Khaki OG. Stain resistant, self-cleaning and classic Outlier cut.

Outlier quality; handmade in NYC

In typical Outlier fashion when we decided to do a khaki, we dove into hands-on research. We hustled together a selection of technical cottons and started whipping up samples to test ride. There were loads of promising leads, but nothing quite delivered to the level we needed. In the end we wound up doing a full 180 and returned to our core 4Season fabric. From the handfeel to the way it moved, it proved the best option so far (of course we’re always are looking for better.) So we commissioned a special flat tan khaki color and iteration one of the Outlier Khaki was born. With less yellow than most khakis, these pants look better with a wider range of skin tones and can match up with nearly any item in your wardrobe, perfect for a better core garment to build your day around.

stain resistant and self-cleaning

More pictures and information can be found at Outlier.cc.