Outlier Summer Editions


Outlier Summer Editions

More and more rolling out from the Brooklyn-based duo that run Outlier. After dropping their Summer shorts, they’re now releasing their Outlier Summer Edition pants.

Information from Outlier:

As the summertime heat kicks up, we have only one goal in a pair of pants, to make them feel like they aren’t there at all. The Outlier Summer Edition pants don’t quite make it to that point, but they get about as close as you can while still being worthy of being called pants. Coasting downhill in a nice breeze, you might just reach that promised land and forget you are wearing anything at all. The rest of time? Well you’ll just have to settle for some of the lightest, most breathable and best wicking pants around. Then when that summer shower rolls through you’ll find these pants are highly water resistant too and you’ll actually be quite glad you are clothed.

Our Summerweight fabric is incredibly light for pants, at 180g/m2 it is actually lighter than our Empire Tee merino! It’s engineered in Switzerland by Schoeller and there is magic in how they weave it. The outside is tightly woven nylon, forming a durable water resistant shell. The inside is loosely woven Coolmax, forming a soft face that pulls moisture away from your body. The only drawback is that at such a lightweight it’s not quite as durable as our core 4Season fabric, but it’s remarkably tough for it’s weightclass.

The fabric has fractal like surface texture that increases the surface area to amplify both the water resistance and the wicking. The directional 3xDry treatment then amplifies this whole effect again. It’s really two treatments in one, the inside sucks in water pulling it to the outer surface and cooling you off. The outside however repels water so you can stay dry in light rain. Add in some stretch, some UV protection plus some antimicrobial properties, and you can probably understand a little why we love this fabric. The best way to know though is though experience, so snap up a pair while they last.

The Summer Editions are available in both our classic OG Pants cut and the new slim Climber cut for $220. The color is a crisp pale gray and the run is super limited, just 18 pairs in each of the two cuts.