Outlier Summer Drops


Outlier Summer Drops

Outlier‘s hustlin! More Summer drops. I loved their last hat collaboration with Victor Osborne and just now they released a Summer version.

Read up below:

We created the Summer Storm cap with the aim of making something as refreshing and unexpected as a summer thundershower. We started with an elegant Zegna wool suiting, but made it completely waterproof and breathable. It’s laminated with a membrane that allows moisture vapor to escape, but blocks water droplets when raining. So you get the best of both performance and class.

Unlike traditional cycling caps, it’s a lined cap. The supplex lining we use has a soft handfeel like traditional cap lining, yet is quick drying and completely breathable. The lining also means it’s a lot more durable than your average cap, with a much more finished look and feel.

As with all our caps, we work with the master milliner Victor Osborne to get a precise fit. A small is 21.5 inches naturally and stretches to 22.5. A medium is 22.5 inches naturally and stretches to 23.5. A large is 23.5 inches naturally and stretches to 24.5. A traditional look with a modified four panel construction made in New York City

And the Summer shorts just dropped too! WSDIA modeling now? Lookin good guys!

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