Outlier Nailhead Cap


Outlier Nailhead Cap

Outlier once again drops the premium goods on the cycling world. I cannot speak highly enough of their products. At first, when they made their cycling hats, they wouldn’t fit my head. The next run they decided to make a size large, which fits perfectly. It’s such a nice hat and fits like a tailored cycling hat. The wool breathes great and I don’t sweat buckets like a cotton cap, even in the Summer. Read up below as Outlier describes their new Nailhead Cap.

This is literally the good stuff. Stuff is a word that can mean just about anything, but its first use as a noun was to describe the worsted wool fabrics that medieval knights stuffed under their suits of armor. Nailhead is one of our favorite worsted wools around. Its subtle pinprick pattern gives it an incredible depth of texture, and as a fine suiting fabric it tends to be made from the softest and longest wool fibers available. That makes it one of the best performance fabrics in the world, but you’d never know since it tends to be used in expensive men’s suits and nothing but. We snatched these fabrics from our favorite Brooklyn warehouse determined to find a better use for this quality stuff than the upper class ghetto of office armor and take it back to the streets.

Wool sometimes has a bad rep for being itchy, course and over-warm, but that’s only because the good stuff always gets snatched up for suiting fabric. The finer wools breathe better than cotton, and wick moisture into the inner core of their actual fibers. This means they cool you in the summer, keep you warm in the winter and always feel drier to the touch than other fabrics, no matter how wet it is outside. It makes for an incredible cap.

The Nailhead Collection uses our classic cycling cap design done with master milliner Victor Osborne. We line our caps with a bengaline fabric that molds to your head over time, as does our high quality grossgrain banding. Because it’s a lined cap, it costs twice as much to make, the lining is essentially a second cap sewn inside the first. But for that added cost you get a cap that should last way more than twice as long, and fit great for all the years you own it. As always we produce our garments in New York City for exceptional quality.