Outlier Merino Hoodie


Outlier Merino Hoodie

Austin Horse pulling lines through traffic by Bjorn Wallander

Outlier’s ever popular Merino hoodie is back. I got one a few weeks ago and have been wearing it non-stop. My morning commutes have been chilly and this has quickly turned into a staple garment. Merino keeps you warm without making you sweaty. It’s also perfect in the colder moths over a base-layer. The cut is spot on for riding and still casual enough to look like a normal hoodie when you’re not on your bike.

Austin and Me in Brooklyn Machine Works by Bjorn Wallander

From their site:

The Outlier Merino Hoodie is made from superfine New Zealand Merino. Merino means it is soft, comfortable, warm and breathable, for everyday wear. We use an 18.8 micron grade of merino that most other companies use for next to skin garments, it’s comfortable enough to rock naked. Merino is naturally antimicrobial so it doesn’t stink after a day (or three) of wear like so many other materials will. When you start pedaling hard, the merino wicks away moisture keeping you dry and cool. Slow down or stop though and it will keep you as warm as any other good wool sweater. Head inside and it’s temperature regulating properties mean you won’t overheat.

Hand-made in NYC

From the messengers who ride all day, to the delivery guys working all night, and the commuters hitting those cold mornings trips and dark night journeys, Merino is perfect for any rider who doesn’t insist on spandex. The three panel hood can fit both over and under a helmet, but looks fine without one too. The extended back of the hoodie keeps you covered and warm even when you reach down into the drops. Raglan sleeves allow for reach and motion. The thick but comfortable elastic cuff lets you push up your sleeves and know that they’ll stay up and stay comfortable. The two way zipper lets you adjust the bottom opening and avoid awkward bunching as you pedal.

I know the $225 pricetag may scare a lot of people off, but considering the material, craft and NYC handmade quality, it’s a worthy investment.