Outlier: 60/30 Khakis


Outlier: 60/30 Khakis

Photo by Emiliano Granado

You don’t have to travel outside NYC to see nature. That’s the story behind the new Outlier photoshoot showcasing their new 60/30 Khakis. The guys traveled with photographer Emiliano Granado and model Lars up to the Bronx and through Spuyten Duyvil to show the greener side of the city.

Here’s some more information on Outlier’s new 60/30 Khakis:

The 60/30 Khakis are the sort of pants we love to make. Simple, incredibly comfortable and suited for the rain, grit and repetitive motion of real life. Khaki’s you’ll want to pull out of you closet and wear everyday. All the while staying lightweight, breathable and gifted with a true freedom of movement. Similar to our OG Pants in cut, but with a button front. Available now in Tan and Olive. Made in New York City with Swiss fabric. $157.

We called our new Khaki fabric “60/30 Cloth” in homage to the fabric that Sierra Design named their killer 60/40 Parka’s after. Back in 1968 George Marks and Bob Swanson honed in on a 58% cotton, 42% nylon blend fabric as the ideal balance of handfeel, durability, water resistance and breathability. They rounded the numbers to 60/40 for marketing purposes and went on to make the iconic jacket of 1970’s era hiking and camping. For our Khakis we wanted a fabric with a classic cotton twill handfeel, but with the durability of a hiking parka and a four way stretch for the ultimate freedom of movement. We settled on a combination of 64% cotton, 29% nylon and 7% elastane. We added a “self-cleaning” nanosphere treatment for extra water, dirt and grease resistance and quick drying properties. Then we rounded the numbers of to 60/30 for marketing purposes and the 60/30 Khakis were born.

Check out availability and see more photos here, at Outlier.